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Do you ever worry...

...About the well being and safety of yourself or a loved one who is elderly, disabled or ill?

...If you or someone you care about will take medication on time?

...Whether someone will check-up on you or someone you care about on a daily basis to make sure everything is okay?


If so... 

...Then House Calls may provide the perfect solution.

At House Calls we serve many clients of differing ages and social economic backgrounds. Here is a sampling of some of our clients' needs being addressed by House Calls:

  • A stroke victim needing a reminder to exercise daily.

  • A diabetic requiring a reminder to take insulin with meals.

  • A cancer patient who gets a reminder to take pain medication every four hours.

  • A hip-fracture victim who remains at risk of falling and needs a daily check-up call.

  • A glaucoma patient who must be reminded to use eye drops four times each day.

  • A lonely, depressed widow who receives a daily call to check-up on her well-being.

  • A woman who has returned home after five years in a nursing home who receives daily check-up calls as she struggles to regain her independence.

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