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“ I have had a terrible time remembering to take my medicine. 
Your service is a godsend. ”

Loretta, Reno NV

House Calls provides several specialized programs to its clients in order to assist them with their needs.

Telephone Reassurance Program
Through a high-tech computerized calling system, House Calls is able to provide customized daily calls to clients to check on their welfare. House Calls staff monitor this system 24/7 so that no one's needs are ever overlooked.

Telephone Reminder Program
This program is designed for those clients struggling with memory loss who may be assisted in their daily tasks by a friendly phone call. These calls are tailored to each client's individual needs. The number of calls per day is unlimited and may be recorded in the voice of a relative, friend, or staff member and in any language.

Remembrance Program
A caring touch is key to combating loneliness and depression among our elderly and disabled clients. House Calls provides a greeting card, small gift or holiday gift basket on holidays and makes personal calls on birthdays and special occasions.

72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit and Training
In cooperation with the Red Cross and the Boy Scouts of America, House Calls works to assemble and deliver basic survival items aimed at providing independence and peace of mind in the case of a national, energy or weather-related emergency. The kits contain food, and many other emergency items, packed into bucket along with toilet seat that can be converted into a temporary commode.

Referral Resource Program
Through our calling service we are often in a position to be the first ones to identify client needs. Upon recognizing these needs, we provide our clients with referrals to agencies that can assist them.

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